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A Portrait by George Richmond (of…?)

This is a portrait of a young woman in watercolour with some body colour, painted on paper and measuring 345 x 450mm.  It is inscribed in the bottom left corner: ‘Geo. Richmond, delt, 1852”.   I have no reason to doubt this … Continue reading

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A Portrait by George Richmond (kind of)

I have a current fascination, perhaps obsession, with the watercolour portraits of George Richmond (1809-1896). I’ll probably return to a detailed consideration of some examples I’ve managed to acquire recently, but this post looks at something rather unusual about which … Continue reading

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Stanley Inchbold: Return to the South Downs

More than a year since my last post and I’m returning to where I left off, with Stanley Inchbold painting watercolours on the South Downs. The previous post on Inchbold focused on his watercolour “Sunset in Downland – Near  Newhaven” … Continue reading

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The Spirit of the Downs – Stanley Inchbold in Sussex

A couple of years ago I bought this watercolour. As the picture is signed it wasn’t difficult for the seller to list it as a watercolour by Stanley Inchbold. The view was described as “Shoreham by Sea from the Downs” … Continue reading

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James Lawton Wingate on Arran, continued

My last post (some time ago) talked about the Scottish artist James Lawton Wingate and his paintings of the Isle of Arran.  I mentioned in that post Wingate’s illustrations for a book called “Arran of the Bens, the Glens and … Continue reading

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Of Bens & Glens: James Lawton Wingate on Arran

I have a particular fondness for paintings of the Isle of Arran, partly because I spent my formative years looking at the Arran hills, especially the largest peak “Goat Fell”, from where I lived, across the Firth of Clyde, on … Continue reading

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Art History Book Challenge – No. 1 Emil Mâle “Gothic Art”

My previous post explained my challenge to read the 16 “Books That Shaped Art History” in 2016.  You should consult that book for serious or academic criticism since what follows are simply personal responses to reading these books. I grew up … Continue reading

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The Art History Book Challenge

The other day I started reading “The Books that Shaped Art History” edited by Richard Shone and John-Paul Stonard. It’s a collection of essays on sixteen books which, as the title suggests, were influential in developing new ways of looking at, … Continue reading

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The Fire Judges: Sir William Ellys

My earlier posts on John Michael Wright’s portraits of the “fire judges” judges are here: and here: In this mini post I’m simply sharing a photo of the portrait of Sir William Ellys (currently in the Royal Courts … Continue reading

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The Swordsman Revealed: An Update

In my earlier post “A Victorian Fencing Master: or, can you help me identify this painting?” I sought help on an attribution for this painting: A couple of people were kind enough to read the blog and tell me that … Continue reading

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